Jan Rambousek is an artist who uses the fascinating tools of modern technology and digital-imagery for a wide scope of creative and professional undertakings. As one of the founders of Playground studio he was engaged in a number of assignments and digital solutions for a wide range of clients. After the enormous success of Silver Arrows Project, he is primarily focusing on the development of other personal art projects.  He is also behind the motion blur simulation software VirtualRig Studio which has become a popular tool among all the big names in the automotive industry.

Petr Milerski

Petr Milerski is a Graphic Designer with an excellent sense of form, scale and proportion and a keen eye for detail. He has been working with Jan Rambousek as a CG Supervisor at their previous company for the last 8 years. He monitors every CG department to guarantee the high quality standard they’ve established over the years. Being involved from day 1 is essential for everyone involved and Petr is no exception especially when it comes to his involvement outside the CG world.

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